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Aesthetically Pleasing Sloped Roofs in Saskatoon and Across Saskatchewan

Sloped roofing comes in many different types, with each having its own unique characteristics and benefits. Sometimes choosing the right sloped roofing system for your home can seem quite overwhelming. Our team at Custom Roofing Inc has expertise and knowledge in all types of sloped roofs, including asphalt shingle, standing seam metal roofing, composite metal shake and shingles, as well as lightweight concrete roof tiles. We can help you decide what product is the best fit for your home and budget. Below is a brief description of the various types of sloped roofing systems.

Types of Sloped Roofing Systems

Asphalt shingle
The most popular product, due to price, for sloped roofing systems are asphalt shingles. These come in many various designs, from entry-level architectural shingles to performance and more aesthetically pleasing options. While being the most cost-efficient option, they will also require maintenance and replacement at the soonest. Asphalt shingles start showing signs of deterioration after approximately 15 years. However, they should maintain their water-shedding properties for over 25-30 years. At Custom Roofing Inc, we have installed thousands of roofs using asphalt shingles, and we will do a great job for your home.
Standing seam metal roofing
When performance matters, a standing seam metal roofing system is one of your best options. A major benefit of these metal roofing assemblies is that the fasteners are hidden in the seams. It protects the roof from water infiltration that would occur on an exposed fastener metal roof once the neoprene washers start deteriorating. These roofs can easily last 50 to 100 years, with products available to refurbish the coating once deterioration is evident, extending the life almost indefinitely. Selecting a metal roofing system from Custom Roofing Inc provides superior protection from all seasons of Saskatchewan weather, and it looks fantastic for a lifetime of worry-free use.
Composite metal shakes and shingles
Benefiting from the same long-lasting properties as a standing seam metal roof, a composite metal shake or shingle adds character and aesthetic to a home. These products are manufactured from steel and coated with a granular layer, and designed to give the appearance of a wood shake roof, a concrete tile barrel roof, or even a slate roof. A composite metal shake or shingle will make your home stand out without incurring the same cost as the premium roofing systems it mimics.
Lightweight concrete roof tiles
These roof systems are most popular when designing a property that mimics the architectural style of Spanish villas. While they provide long-term performance and protection against water infiltration, they need to be installed by qualified professionals or risk early failure. Although lighter than traditional clay or concrete tiles, this beautiful roofing product may need additional consideration for snow loads and structural design.

Sloped Metal Roofing for Long-lasting Protection

When it comes to choosing a material for a sloped roofing system that will last long, metal is the right choice. Based on the type of metal used, these roofs can easily last between 50 and 100 years. Selecting a metal roofing system not only provides superior protection from all seasons of Saskatchewan weather, but it can also give you more than a lifetime of worry-free use.

Lightweight Concrete Roof Tiles

If you are looking for a tried and tested lightweight roofing material for the sloping roof of your property, lightweight concrete roof tiles are a great option. They are as structurally sound, as the standard weight concrete tiles and additionally provide ultimate protection against harsh environmental elements over time. We recommend lightweight concrete tiles or buildings and homes that aren’t structurally designed to support standard-weight concrete tiles.


These tiles are gaining popularity among homeowners as they are economical, long-lasting and durable. Some other benefits of using concrete tiles for pitched roofs are:

Keeps your house cooler than asphalt shingles

Lasts longer

Costs less money on maintenance

Trained and Insured Roofers

Our roofers are trained to install sloped roofing systems and offer a 5-year workmanship warranty.

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