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Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturing Services in Saskatoon and Across Saskatchewan

Our sheet metal shop services more than just your needs. Fully equipped to fabricate metal flashings and trims of all types, colours, and thicknesses, we are ready to take your orders.


Everything is made on a custom order, and we can match any profile you are looking for. We normally run 10’ length sheets and will make cap flashing, edge metal, masonry flashing, starter flashing, wall flashing, valleys and all sorts of trims. Just get us your measurements and specifications, and we’ll get to work.


Additionally, we manufacture bulk drip edge and wall flashings for your retail or installer business. With bulk products, you are always ready with stock while taking advantage of discounted pricing.


Our architectural products, such as chimney caps, cupola covers, and fence caps, add some beauty to your finished building.

Edge and Flashing Metal Profiles Offered at Custom Roofing Inc

Baldy cleat

Cover plates

Drip edge

End dams

Gravel stop

Head wall

Hook Strip

J channel

Masonry drip

Parapet wall cap


Ridge cap

Gable cap

Sill pans

Snap edge

Valley flashing

Advantages of Metal Roofing

There are several advantages of metal roofing over wood. Some of these are:

Both steel and aluminum are available in a variety of colours

Keeps your exterior watertight

Protects your house from moisture

No issues of rotting, warping or cracking

It is durable

Customized Flashing Service

Custom Roofing Inc produces reliable products consistently as it uses computerized systems to manufacture all its products. Our team is trained to customize your flashing and trim to fit your house’s dimensions which helps prevent moisture from seeping into your roof’s gaps. We prioritize the needs of our customers over everything and believe in providing you with the best possible designs and materials.

Maintain Your Exterior’s Condition

We can customize flashing and trims to fit your specifications and prevent moisture seepage!

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