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Environment-friendly Roof Coating and Refurbishing in Saskatoon and All of Saskatchewan

Benefits of Roof Coating and Refurbishing

CanSeal reflective coating on roof

If you worry about your roof getting damaged due to exposure to harsh weather conditions or want to make it more durable, opt for a roof coating job from Custom Roofing Inc in Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan. A good roof coating adds an extra layer of protection to your existing roof structure. It helps in adding more years to your roof’s life. Roof coating and refurbishing have gained immense popularity over the years as it helps extend the life of a roofing system.


Roof coatings expand and retract with the roofing material as the weather conditions change, protecting the roofing material. Custom Roofing Inc uses  a waterproof and environment-friendly roof coating and refurbishing product in Saskatoon and all over Saskatchewan. Having a roof coating helps in maintaining the shape of your roof for years and makes your roof more durable.

Reduce UV Deterioration on the Roof

CanSeal helps prevent any moisture damage to your roof, and Cool Roof coat helps in extra protection with added warranty.

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